Regional Drop-in Clinic

Posted on 23/01/2019 in Acrobatic

Regional Drop-in Clinic

The Regional Drop in clinics give you the opportunity to come along and discuss your clubs’ specific support needs.

The format of the clinic is very relaxed. Once you have indicated what you’d like to discuss we will assign the best person to speak with you to ensure you get the most from your visit. Each meeting is flexible based on your requirements. Meetings can range from a few minutes up to 90+ minutes, again this is based on the time you need to spend with us. All you need to do is just let us know:

  • Club name and those wishing to attend
  • What you’d like to discuss
  • When you would like to attend between 11am and 6pm
  • How long you’d like to meet us for

Send this information to or send us a text/whatsapp to 07500 049 602

Most importantly, we are here to help so don’t worry about coming along to meet us!

  • Example topics: Governance | Business & Financial Planning | Facility Projects | Funding | Marketing | Staff Employment | Coach Education | Discipline Development | Safeguarding

For all dates available see our development calendar HERE.



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