Rhythmic | Group and Performance Programme Gymnast Selection Update

Posted on 13/01/2022 in Rhythmic

Rhythmic | Group and Performance Programme Gymnast Selection Update

Scottish Gymnastics is delighted to announce that three groups of rhythmic gymnasts have successfully been selected for the newly created rhythmic group performance pathway programme.

Following an application process at the end of last year – a junior and senior group from Beacon Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and a junior group from Pentland Gymnastics Club were selected onto the rhythmic group performance pathway programme, with activity running until December 2022.

The introduction of the group performance pathway programme for 2022 is an exciting evolution of the pathway for rhythmic gymnastics in Scotland.

The Group, Junior and Espoir programmes will be delivered alongside each other, with some elements delivered jointly and others separately. Camps will be led by a variety of technical experts along with the support of the coaches on the Scottish Gymnastics rhythmic coach development programme, providing excellent technical support for both gymnasts and their personal coaches.

The programme is based on a culture of providing a supportive environment for gymnasts to thrive, to embrace challenges and setbacks as well as taking ownership of their training and their development. Our approach is an athlete centred, coach-led and performance driven.

In addition to the group selections, as part of the access day for Espoir and Junior individual programmes, three further selections were made across Development, Junior and Espoir level for the remainder of the programme year, which will run until May 2022.

On the selections, Jamie Bowie, Scottish Gymnastics performance manager said, "As we continue to plan and build activity across our performance programmes, it has been great to be able to host a profiling day and select gymnasts for our rhythmic programmes.”

Looking at the ballet, flexibility and physical preparation elements in the profiling day has really highlighted some of the great work that clubs and coaches have been doing to develop their gymnasts in the discipline – a theme we have seen across the sport - it will be exciting to see gymnasts continue to flourish and work on their development areas.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Group Performance Pathway Programme 2021-22


Eva Florentsdottir
Hania Czebreszuk
Polina Cooper
Clara Paris
Orla Arnott
Julia Ostowicz
Emilie Findlay

Abbi Reid
Jasmin Brody
Gaby Giles
Lucy Nicol
Suzanne Whittle


Vaila Bruce
Katie Kemp
Amy Sutherland
Orla Gibb
Demi-Jo McWilliam
Callie Maciver

Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual Performance Programme Selections

Railay Ross – Pentland (Development Programme)
Eva Florentsdottir – Beacon - (Junior Performance Pathway Programme)
Emma Reid – Pentland (Espoir Performance Pathway Programme)

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