Spotlight on Stewartry

Posted on 19/02/2021 in Club News

Spotlight on Stewartry

Stewartry Gymnastics Club in Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire was formed as a development and competitive club from Megan’s Gymtastic which offered fundamental classes. Committee member Vanessa Bryson tells us about how they things have changed for them moving into a second lockdown.

2020 was not quite the year we were all expecting and was definitely a very difficult year for the gym. We started a phased return to training at the end August and finally got back to a full timetable at the start of November. 

We had a good sense of normality in the run up to the Christmas holidays, managing to host an in-house competition which was a super day for the gymnasts. It really gave them something to focus on and work towards. 

The announcement that we were going into a full lockdown, after being under level one restrictions, was the news nobody wanted but we have pulled together as a club and moved things back online. 

Head coach Megan leads zoom classes which have been very popular. In addition to this, she has designed “homework packs” for each group of gymnasts to help keep their strength and flexibility up whilst training at home. She has also been sharing challenges and guidance videos on her YouTube channel. 

Megan has stayed positive throughout, a message she wants to share with others. She said: “I know this period will be extremely difficult for lots of gymnasts up and down the country. Training without your teammates can really affect your motivation but we’ve done it before, and we can do it again and when we come out the other side, we will be more resilient than ever. 

“I am so proud of how my gymnasts handled the first lockdown and I know with a little grit and determination; we can make it through this one too!”

Thank you to Vanessa for sharing Stewartry’s story of gymnastics during the pandemic.


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