Statement from Scottish Governing Body CEOs

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Statement from Scottish Governing Body CEOs

Our chief executive Doc McKelvey emailed members on Friday 31 July with an update following the First Minister’s briefing about the continuation of phase 3 of the route map through and out of Covdi-19. 

In his letter, he talked about joining chief executives from across Scottish sport governing bodies in writing to the First Minister, given the easing of restrictions in other sectors ahead of indoor sport. You can read a statement from the forum below and a copy of the letter sent to the First Minister.

Statement from Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport CEO Forum

Scottish Government Review of Lockdown: Thursday 30 July 2020

Following a formal communication sent to the First Minister on the morning of 30 July from 32 individual Scottish governing bodies of sport (SGB), the SGB CEO Forum welcomes the recognition by the First Minister of the requirement to move forward the re-opening of sports facilities. 

As a sector, we are disappointed that the indicative timescale for a return to sport is not sooner.  We have submitted evidence in mitigation of any risk to public health and ask for clarification as to what more compelling information is required to ensure our sports can return to activity and competition within the indicative dates given.

However, we will work with the Scottish Government and sportscotland to understand the level of evidence we need to provide so all requirements for indoor sport to safely return in late August can be met. As ever, we will react positively to any encouragement from Scottish Government to review the dates. 

We are especially concerned for those SGBs which only have the small 2020 summer window to restart their sport and competitions.  Without access to facilities – both indoor and outdoor, wet and dry – our member clubs cannot function and cannot contribute effectively to the recovery that the whole of Scotland so desperately wants and needs. 

As we are all aware the reality is that ‘sport-in-Scotland’ is more than just ‘sport’. This has been clearly demonstrated through the national focus on maintaining daily physical activity throughout lockdown and effectively contributes to the social fabric of our local communities as a whole through, although not exclusively: 

·  The health and wellbeing of the Scottish nation
·  Equality and inclusion
·  Contributing to effective learners
·  Mental health and wellbeing
·  Tackling obesity
·  Social inclusion
·  Women and girls in sport

With confirmation that other public spaces and venues in Scotland are now reopening and in recognition of the immense challenges facing the restart of the Scottish sporting sector, the SGB CEO Forum wishes to work quickly with Scottish Government, sportscotland and facility operators to establish a clear strategy to resume sport, for our members, clubs and communities.

Scottish Gymnastics fully supports the collective drive of Scottish governing bodies to reopen as many sport facilities in Scotland as quickly and safely as possible.

Letter from Scottish Governing Body CEOs

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