Posted on 10/11/2014 in Rhythmic


Scottish Gymnastics is currently experiencing one of the most exciting periods in our 124 year history. 2014 has been a highly successful year for many of our technical disciplines. As we look to build on this success moving forward, our newly restructured technical panels represent a new era for gymnastics in Scotland.

As a member of a technical panel you can help shape the future of your gymnastics discipline. Your passion, knowledge and experience is pivotal to driving our sport forward. As a valued and respected member of our technical panel you will play an important role, working closely with governing body staff for the benefit of our sport. You can have a real positive impact on the future success of your gymnastics discipline.

If you are passionate to the development of gymnastics in Scotland your club can nominate you to be part of Scottish Gymnastics technical panels.

The vacant elected posts are:

  1. Finance Officer
  2. Coach Education Officer
  3. Judging Co-ordinator

If you feel your skills and experience match, or are similar to a specific post - Scottish Gymnastics wants to hear from you!


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