FAQs For Parents

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for those wishing to join a gymnastics club:

Q. Where can I find my nearest gymnastics club?
A. You can now find your nearest gymnastics club in Scotland by using our club finder tool and searching for location or gymnastics discipline.

> Visit the Scottish Gymnastics Club Finder

Q. How do I know if my local club offers the gymnastics discipline that I am interested in?
A. Our easy to use club finder will tell you your nearest gymnastics clubs and the gymnastics disciplines which they offer. If you don't see what you're looking for, why not get in touch with our club development team who may be able to assist. Email development@scottishgymnastics.org

​Q. Am I insured as soon as I join a gymnastics club?
A. NO. You will become insured when you join an official Scottish Gymnastics member club and have completed our official member registration form. You can find more information about membership by visiting the dedicated page on our website. 

> Visit the Membership Page

Q. How do I know my local club is an official Scottish Gymnastics club?
A. We would strongly encourage all parents to only send their children to clubs registered with Scottish Gymnastics, the national governing body of the sport in Scotland. All clubs registered with Scottish Gymnastics have to meet a range of stringent criteria around child wellbeing and protection, as well as club governance and minimum operating standards. 

Safeguarding Advice for Parents

Parents and carers looking at a gymnastics club for their child should ask these 10 safeguarding questions.

> Find out more about safeguarding in Scottish Gymnastics