What Is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics in all of us! Watch any child play on monkey bars in a playground or walk across a wall or fallen tree trunk, that’s gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a vital introduction to activity. It’s the foundation of movement – the physical exploration and discovery of what the human body can do, and a natural part of all our development.

It’s a sport where dreams can come true – from learning to do a cartwheel like your friends on the school playing field, to performing for your country on the world stage. Gymnastics can take us beyond aspiration and inspiration, and beyond what we think our limits are.

Gymnastics may be the first experience of structured activity for many of us, the starting point to a more active, happy and healthy life. Our sport can be the beginning of many varied journeys and can lead to participation in a whole range of other sports.

Gymnastics is not just for young children. The benefits can be shared amongst people of all ages. It provides movement opportunities and activities across the age spectrum and comes in a variety of disciplines, class formats, recreational, competitive, both individually and in teams.

This allows children, young people and adults to participate regardless of their size and ability. Gymnastics allows everybody to progress at their own pace and there is plenty of scope to try different disciplines and transition from one to another as time, body size or lifestyles change. 

Gymnastics improves physical fitness and it teaches hard work, perseverance and determination. The movement, variety of skills and participation opportunities, together with a sense of accomplishment means the sport is fun and exciting for everyone.

Our sport allows you to progress and change roles, providing skills, abilities and positive experiences that can stay with you for life. Gymnastics can change lives. It brings people together leading to lifelong friendships and it can enrich and connect communities. That is the true power of gymnastics.