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Add on and CPD Modules

We also offer a wide range of CPD courses and add-on modules that aim to deliver quality education opportunities to broaden knowledge and expertise.

Disability Add on Module

Throughout this course you will gain the confidence to support disabled participants within your coaching sessions. The skills you will develop during this course are applicable across all gymnastics disciplines. 
This course is not a requirement, however it is recommended that it is taken when working with disabled participants in order to raise awareness and progress your coaching ability. 
Course information:
• Face to face structure – 7 hour one day practical delivery.
• Pre-requisites – Candidates are required to hold a minimum of a level 1 qualification.
• No gymnasts demonstrators are required for this course.
• Course resources – course specific resource pack handed out at course.
• Member price – £72, non-member – £110
You can find more information on the British Gymnastics website

Double Mini Level 2 Add on Module

Course information:
• Pre-requisites – Level 2 coaches, see full pre-requisites in British Gymnastics link below.
• Face to face structure – 2 day course delivered in classroom and practical environment, including assessment.
• Gymnast demonstrators – Candidates must bring 2 or 3 demonstrators to both days of the course.
• Mentor – No mentor is required for this course but we recommend using a suitably qualified mentor within your club to help you develop your knowledge.
• Member cost – £198, non-member cost – £298
Find out about the course on the British Gymnastics website

Learn to Coach

Learn to coach is an introductory award aimed at people starting their coaching journey.
The main focus of this course is to emphasise basic movement skills and physical preparation activities which are transferable across each gymnastics discipline. It also introduces the “how to coach” skills. The course is an introductory award not a formal qualification, therefore does not give the coach any formal responsibilities in the gym and they should be supervised at all times, however it does give coaches all the right tools to begin coaching as a helper. 
Course information:
• Face to face structure – 3 – 4 hours.
• Pre-requisites – Learners must be 14 years old.
• No gymnasts demonstrators are required for this course.
• Course costs £50
Course Aims:
• Recognise what makes a good coach
• Identify gymnastic movements and the physical requirements of these movements
• Identify the qualities a coach should have
• Identify the roles and responsibilities of a coach
• Understand how muscles work
• Identify different physical qualities and how these relate to gymnastics skills
• Compete a basic risk assessment
• Safety in the gym
• Observe, analyse and feedback on selected gymnastics skills – including shapes, rolling, handstands and cartwheels
• Use progressions effectively considering the required physical preparation

Freestyle Add on Modules

Freestyle is an exciting discipline to coach. Participants perform amazing flips, jumps and vaults. You will be interested in pushing boundaries and experimenting with new and interesting moves. You will support participants in the safe development of a variety of skills within the confines of a gymnastics environment.  You get to work with both male and female participants, and mixed age groups.
Level 1 add on module information
• Pre-requisites – candidates must have completed a level 1 award in any discipline except preschool.
• Face to face structure – 3 hours; 1 hour theory & 2 hour practical
• No gymnast demonstrators are required, please tell us in advance if you are not able to participate.
• Member cost – £50, non-member cost – £85
You can find more information on the British Gymnastics website
Level 2 add on module information
As a level 2 coach you will be able to work independently to help participants develop their skills, strength and co-ordination. You are able to lead your own sessions and mentor and oversee fellow coaches. Building on experience gained during the level 1 qualification you will develop the skills to support a variety of exhilarating wall spins, kicks and twists. You will learn how to structure freestyle sessions and implement skills within a safe environment.
• Pre-requisites – candidates must have completed a level 2 award in any discipline except preschool.
• Face to face structure – 6 hours; 2.5 hours theory and 3.5 hours practical
• Member cost – £72, non-member cost – £110
You can find out more on the British Gymnastics website

Preschool CPD Add on Module

The preschool continuing professional development (CPD) course has replaced the previous Level 1 and 2 preschool courses. Existing qualifications are still valid, but we believe the new course is of great benefit to our clubs and coaches.
Course information:
• Pre-requisites – candidates must have completed a level 1 award in any discipline.
• Face to face structure – 2 day practical course.
• Once deemed fit for practice – Level 1 coaches will be able to assist in and level 2 coaches will be able to lead preschool classess immediately. 
• Gymnast demonstrators – No demonstrators are required for this course. They are kindly provided for you. 
• Mentor – No mentor is required to complete this course.
• Member cost – £198, non-member cost – £268
Click here to see if you can apply for sportscotland coach education subsidy

You can find out more on the British Gymnastics website
Discipline Specific Syllabus & Prohibited Skills List

When do you need a preschool qualification:
Coaches in Scottish Gymnastics registered clubs do not need to hold a preschool qualification to run parent and toddler classes as this is covered under the club’s public liability. At whatever age the child no longer requires their parent to be with them in the gym is when the liability shifts to the club/coach. At this point, the child requires membership and coach requires preschool add-on qualification. While the qualification is not required for parent & toddler classes, it is advised that coaches have the qualification to assist with their running of the class.
Accessing your e-learning
If you have issues accessing e-learning in your academy, It is most likely that you have a GymNET profile which is attached to a ‘parent account’. Please send a different email address to coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org. The team will add this address to your profile and unlink the two accounts so you can access the e-learning. Once this is done, you will be sent an email to your new address and may need to reset your password. When you log in, click on Academy and it will take you to your course.
When can you start to coach
You can coach in preschool classes immediately after being deemed fit for practice! You do not have to wait to receive your certificate before coaching. You will keep your fit for practice sign off sheet which can be used to evidence you have passed.
Previous UKCC Level 1 & 2 preschool qualifications
You can still assist preschool classes with your level 1 preschool qualification and lead preschool classes with your level 2 preschool qualification.
Level 1 preschool qualification pathway – you can continue to assist in preschool classes with your level 1 preschool qualification. If you want to lead a preschool session, you need to complete a level 2 in another discipline and attend the preschool add-on module.

Positive Coaching

This British Gymnastics e-learning module focuses on your role as a coach in the safe and positive development of your participants. It explores the development of belief systems, in particular your beliefs about success and failure, and how these impact you and your participants. The course provides detail on strategies you can use to understand your beliefs and ensure you are positive in your coaching.
This e-learning is exclusive to and compulsory for British and Scottish Gymnastics member coaches who hold a level 2 (or equivalent) or above qualification in any gymnastics discipline. It must be completed once and must be before you renew your membership.
• Member price – Free
• For – Exclusive & mandatory for Scottish Gymnastics coaches who are level 2 and above in any discipline.
Enrol Now
• Structure – three e-learning modules. Each module provides an approximate time for completion and if you need to take a break it will save your progress.
1. Identify the challenges you face as a coach.
2. Describe your key coaching responsibilities.
3. Recognise how different beliefs about success and failure impact your participants’ thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and your coach-participant relationship.
4. Identify your goal orientation and how it impacts your coaching.
5. Describe a variety of positive coaching strategies.
6. Apply the knowledge gained to evaluate your coaching and create suitable action plans to ensure you are positive in your coaching.

Coaching within a Scottish Gymnastics Club

You must have required memberships level for your qualification level. Join or renew/upgrade your Scottish Gymnastics membership through GymNET.

You must have a PVG record linked to Scottish Gymnastics and have a current Scottish Gymnastics wellbeing & protection award prior to commencing mentoring within your club. If you need any assistance, please contact your club’s safeguarding officer or safeguarding@scottishgymnastics.org

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