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The assessment date for a course will be advertised on the course calendar or on the GymNET booking system at time of enrolling. When candidates enrol onto the course, they are enrolling onto both the course and assessment dates.

Only under exceptional circumstances can learners be allowed to transfer to a different assessment date by completing the extenuating circumstances application, see more information below.

Please email coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org if your email address changes between booking onto the course and the date of your assessment. All assessments are run face-to-face and NOT virtually. Demonstrators must be taken to your assessment unless otherwise stated in course booking information.

A gymnast chalks up their hand guard ahead of performing on the horizontal bar at the 2022 Scottish National Artistic Championships

Process and Information

Level 1 & 2 Additional Information

Gymnast Demonstrators
Ensure you have organised two or three gymnasts to attend your assessment. The gymnasts should be of an appropriate standard to demonstrate supporting each full skill within your allocated skills box.
Send your completed logbook to your assessor so they receive it at least two weeks before your assessment date.
We advise you take a copy of your logbook before sending. A copy will need to be provided in the unfortunate event of the logbook being lost. Please do not post via recorded or special delivery or hand deliver. It is recommended that proof of postage certificate is obtained. 
You may also want to take an extra copy of your lesson plan for your assessment.
E-learning modules
Ensure you have completed the course’s e-learning modules on your academy before attending your assessment. 
Skills matrix box
You can find the skills matrix under your course title on the British Gymnastics website – Skills Matrix
Please prepare to be assessed on ALL skills in your assigned skills matrix box, not just the skills in bold (these are for British Gymnastics assessments only). Your assessment is face-to-face and there is no virtual part to the assessment. The assessor will select the skills for your assessment on the day, these are not pre-selected for face-to-face assessments.

Level 3 Additional Information

Gymnast Demonstrators
Learners must bring two or three gymnasts, who they have spent time with developing the required level three skills.
Gymnasts can be at varying levels in the skill development process, and you should be able to show the planned physical preparation and progressions. At least one gymnast must be able to perform the whole skill with support.
Ensure you bring the relevant technical module sign-off sheets, a lesson plan, training plans and evaluation documentation.  Please see learners’ guidance in your academy for more information

Registration Period & Re-registration

It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they sit their assessment before the end of their registration period. Candidates have one year for level 1 courses and two years for level 2 and above. Please ensure you contact the education team in enough time to organise your assessment prior to your registration end.

If the learner fails to complete all aspects of the course within the registration period a re-registration fee will be charged, except in extenuating circumstances where an extension may be granted at the discretion of Scottish Gymnastics. It is the responsibility of the learner to contact the course organiser as soon as possible with supporting evidence where applicable. Where the learner does not apply for an extension or re-register within a year beyond the registration period, they will be required to repeat the course.
Please contact coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org if you would like to re-register.

Process and Timeline

Step 1 – You book onto your course and assessment dates ahead of the closing date which is approximately four weeks before day one of the course. If you know you are not able to attend the assessment, please contact coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org before booking onto the course for this to be approved and to avoid charges.
Step 2 – You attend your course days, work with your mentor in the gym and complete your logbook and e-learning modules. 
Step 3 – Respond to the invitation emailed to you to confirm your attendance at the assessment date within the given timescales and include any additional information we need to help schedule your assessment. If you are not able to attend or do not respond, there will be assessment charges applied prior to another assessment being organised unless you have prior agreement from Scottish Gymnastics or there are extenuating circumstances. 
Step 4 – Around four weeks before your assessment you will receive your assessment confirmation letter via email. This will include all the information you need for your assessment including times, your assessor and your skills matrix box or technical sign-off sheets.
Step 5 – Levels 1 & 2: send your completed logbook to your assessor so they receive it at least two weeks before your assessment date. Logbooks received after the two-week deadline will incur a late logbook fee.
Step 6 – Attend your assessment: arrive at your assessment 15 minutes before your assessment time, on the right date and location.  The assessment will be approximately three to four months after the course. Where there are withdrawals or changes required for this assessment, you may be contacted with a revised assessment time. Please ensure that you are available for the whole of the assessment day. See below what you require for your assessment.

Assessment Charges

If you are not able to attend your course’s assessment date an assessment charge will be applied before organising another assessment, unless you have received agreement before from Scottish Gymnastics before enrolling onto the course or extenuating circumstance has been agreed, see more information below. This additional charge is to cover the additional costs for you to sit your assessment. See our terms and conditions and payment policy. 

The assessment charge applies when:
• The candidate is not able to attend their course assessment date unless extenuating circumstance are approved
• The candidate does not respond to the the assessment invite or informs Scottish Gymnastics that they can no longer attend their assessment date
• The candidate withdraws from the assessment date following acceptance of their assessment date
• The candidate fails to arrive at the allocated assessment at the appointed day/time/venue
• The candidate’s logbook does not arrive with the assessor by the date indicated on the assessment letter
• For a candidate’s third deferral of a coaching assessment and second deferral of a judging assessment

The assessment charges are:
Level 1 – £60
Level 2 – £70
Level 3 Technical module – £40
Level 4 and above – £70
If you are unable to submit your logbook/portfolio of evidence before your assessment or within the required timeframe, a charge of £20 is applicable before Scottish Gymnastics will organise a suitable revised submission date. 

Not able to attend your assessment

If you are not able to attend your assessment, make sure you get in contact with our team on coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org as soon as you know you cannot attend. As you were not able to attend your assessment, there is an assessment charge for you to be transferred to another assessment date, unless extenuating circumstances have been agreed. Visit the shop to pay course assessment fees.

Extenuating Circumstances

Should you experience exceptional, unforeseeable, short-term circumstances which affect your ability to attend your assessment you may apply for extenuating circumstances, see our extenuating circumstance policy. The extenuating circumstances form should be submitted within 15 working days of the affected assessment or submission for your logbook/portfolio of evidence. Even if your tutor/assessor are aware of your circumstances, you must still complete the application form. 
Click here to submit an extenuating circumstance application form

Organise a new assessment date

We have our upcoming assessments listed in the our What’s On calendar below if you are able to attend, please complete the booking form on the calendar page letting us know all the dates you can attend. You will find assessments listed under courses.
Find Assessment Dates

Please note that these assessments are scheduled for courses and candidates attending these courses will be prioritised. Any additional space will be offered to candidates who complete the booking form on a first come first served basis, with considerations to discipline and level and their assessor. If you are not able to find a suitable assessment, please contact coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org to organise your assessment. 

Adjustments to assessment

Find out more information in the Education Terms & Conditions.

How does a learner apply for a special assessment arrangement?
Requests for special assessment arrangements must be made in writing using the application form.

The conditions that will be considered for eligibility and application for special consideration include: temporary illness, injury, indisposition or a circumstance which is beyond the learner’s control but considered to be genuine and valid.
What reasonable adjustments can be requested with regard to theory and logbook assessments?
A person with dyslexia, reading or writing difficulties may be allowed the assistance of an amanuensis (assistance with reading/writing), may use a computer or laptop or be given the facility to tape record his/her answers or conduct an oral assessment.
For learners with impaired vision, the assessment materials may be produced with larger print size or printed on coloured paper.
What reasonable adjustments can be requested with regard to Practical Assessments?
During practical assessments, one of the competencies learners are assessed on is the ability to use appropriate and safe spotting of gymnasts/trampolinists performing the full skill. In some cases, there might be a justifiable reason why a coach cannot support without putting him/herself or the gymnast at risk (e.g. injury, age, size of the gymnast, etc). In this case, a coach can request a reasonable adjustment in order to be allowed the assistance of a second suitably qualified spotter/assistant. In extreme cases, the learner coach may be allowed to direct an assistant who would be competent at handling at this level to support the gymnasts under his/her instruction. If the coach cannot fulfil the above criteria competently, the examiner must use their experience and discretion, but must err on the side of safety when making any decision regarding the assessment outcome for the learner coach. However, the element of the gymnast’s safety must be the overriding factor. The ultimate responsibility to the safety of the gymnasts during assessments lies with the assessor.

If you have any issues with any links, allocated assessments or the process for logbook submissions after reading the information below, please contact us.

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