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Request a Course

Scottish Gymnastics tries to accommodate any requests by clubs and local authorities to run courses. Your course will need to have a certain number of learners and complement the other Scottish Gymnastics education courses on offer.

How to Request a Course

You will need to know:

  • the type and level of course you would like
  • the names and registration/membership number of all your candidates
  • venue which has suitable equipment
  • date options to run the course and assessment

Running A Course

What Do You Need? – Club or Local Authority 

Source at least the minimum number of candidates to attend the course that are available on your proposed dates, see candidate numbers for each course type below. Your candidates will need to register on GymNET even if they are not taking membership to be enrolled onto the course.  You will find information on the cost per candidate here. 
Venue & equipment 
Source a venue that is available on the dates provided for both the course and assessment, where required. The venue must have the appropriate gymnastics equipment, see equipment requirements below.  
Provide specific dates or days of the week the venue and your candidates are available so we try to source a tutor to best suit your needs. Please provide as many options as possible.  You can find information on the number of days required for level 1 to 3 courses hereGymnastics Activity Instructor here, and learn to coach and Preschol here
Demonstrators – Level 1, 2 and 3 technical modules
Provide at least one gymnast of an appropriate standard per candidate, ideally two or three. Gymnasts should have already taken part in a gymnastics class and be aware of the basic rules of the gym, e.g. appropriate dress and behaviour expected. No demonstrators are required for Gymnastics Activity Instructor or Learn to Coach courses. 
Demonstrators & Chaperone – Preschool
Provide preschool gymnasts and a chaperone for candidates at the required times. For a 9am to 5pm course with 12 candidates this would be six to eight from  1.45pm to 2.45pm and 3.30pm to 4.30pm on day 1 and twelve to sixteen from 1.15pm to 2pm and 2.30pm to 3.25pm on day 2. A chaperone is required to register and sign out gymnasts before and after the course, and assist with toilet breaks and supervising the gymnasts throughout the session. This should ideally be someone who already has a relationship with the gymnasts. 
Mentor – Level 1 & Level 2
Identify an appropriate and suitably qualified mentor(s) for the candidates where required. Please note while mentors are not require for level 3 technical modules learners cannot coach the skills within their modules until they have successfully completed their assessment without a suitably qualified coach present.
Tutor and assessors – optional
You can contact local Scottish Gymnastics tutors and assessors for their availability when looking at potential dates. If you have found a date that works for you and the tutor/assessor please let us know. Don’t worry if you do not know any local tutors and assessors, we can look into this for you. 

Candidates & Candidate Numbers

Level 1, Gymnastics Activity Instructor & Preschool CPD Add on Module
10 – 12 Candidates
Level 2 & Level 3 Technical Modules
8 – 12 Candidates
Learn to Coach
12 – 20 Candidates
You must be booked onto a course at least four weeks before the course starts and payment must be made in full at time of booking, you can use the link below to find course costs.
Course Costs 

What Can You Expect From Scottish Gymnastics

– we will advertise the course on our website and to other clubs/local authorities if you cannot fill the course: this must be at least two months before the course starts. The course must meet minimum numbers to go ahead. 
– we will provide a qualified professional tutor to deliver the course and an assessor for the assessment, where applicable.
– we will provide all course resources for the candidates.
– we will provide administration for the course in full, providing SQA certificates where applicable.

Course & Equipment Requirements

Theory requirements:
Courses that require theory space, Level 2 – day 1, Gymnastics Activity Instructor – day 1, Learn to coach – two hours*, Preschool – mornings*
Classroom set up with tables and chairs. White wall or screen to project on to. Projector (desirable)Flip chart, pens (desirable)
*Dependant on tutor this may be delivered within a gymnastics hall.

Acrobatic Course Requirements
Level 1
12m x 12m matted floor area, safety mats (minimum of four), training aids (tables/platforms, boxes, benches, blocks), music / audio facilities
Level 2
Level 1 requirements AND rebound equipment (trampoline, DMT, trampette), overhead rig, balance blocks/pedestals

General Course Requirements
Level 1
12m x 12m matted floor area, vaulting apparatus, springboards (minimum of 2), safety mats (minimum of four), high bar, low bar, A-bars, bench (two minimum), floor beam, beam, spotting blocks (two minimum), hand apparatus (balls, bean bags, hoops or skipping ropes), training aids (benches, elastics, inclines etc)
Level 2 
Level 1 requirements AND shiny bar, trampette, trampoline

Men’s Artistic Course Requirements
Level 1
12m x 12m floor area with 25mm depth, vaulting apparatus and springboards (minimum of two different tensions), safety mats (minimum of four), low pommel horse (two minimum), one handle mushroom, full height mushroom (two minimum) floor mushroon, full size parallel bars, rings (full size and adjustable), low bar, high bar, shiny bar, spotting blocks (two minimum), trampette, pommel bucket, training aids (benches, elastics, inclines etc)
Level 2 
Level 1 requirements AND trampoline

Rhythmic Course Requirements
Level 1 & 2
10m x 10m matted floor area, hand apparatus; hoops, ropes, clubs, ribbons, balls, ballet barre, mirrored wall, music/audio facilities

TeamGym Course Requirements
Level 1 
12m x 12m matted floor area, TeamGym trampette (two minimum) vaulting apparatus, safety mats, trampoline, music/audio facilities, trampoline, tumble track to soft land or pit, trampette/vault to soft land or pit 
Level 2
Level 1 apparatus AND vaulting table

Trampoline Course Requirements
Level 1
Minimum hall height of five metres, minimum of two trampolines and end decks, spotting/push in mats, mats to surround apparatus, floor mats for warm up and physical preparation
Level 2
Level 1 requirements AND rig/belt

Tumbling Course Requirements
Level 1
10m x 10m matted floor area, tumble track, safety mats, coaching blocks, rig/belts
Level 2
Level 1 requirements AND fast track into pit, springboards

Women’s Artistic Course Requirements
Level 1
12m x 12m matted floor area 25mm depth, vaulting apparatus and springboards (minimum of two different tensions), safety mats, low and high barm asymmetric bars, shiny bar, beam, floor beams, trampette, vault table, 60cm blocks (two minimum), music/audio facilities, training aids (benches, elastics, inclines etc)
Level 2
Level 1 requirements AND trampoline

Learn To Coach Course Requirements
Classroom space with projector (two hours), this could be delivered in the gym if space and white wall to project on to, projector (desired). Hall space with large matted floor area, safety mats and coaching blocks.

Preschool CPD Add on Module Course Requirements
Essential Equipmen
10m x 10m matted floor area with 25mm depth, vaulting apparatus (platformsm section box or equivalent), springboards (junior desirable), music/audio facilities, safety mats (four minimum), hoops, balls, bean bags (12 minimum for each), mini bouncer/trampette, bench (two minimum)
Desirable Equipment
floor beam, low bar or junior bars, floor bar, hand equipment – ribbon, feathers, scarves, tap sticks (12 minimum of each), parachute, small appararus (hop scotch, ladder, wobble board, tunnel, spots), soft play shapes (wedges, steps, cubes etc), trampoline

Gymnastics Activity Instructor Course Requirements
Essential equipment
10m x 10m floor area 25mm depth, springboards (full sized, not junior), slope/wedge/incline, safety mats (two minimum), benches (two minimum), trampet (not a mini bouncer or circular mini trampoline), vaulting platform of varying heights, hand apparatus – hoops, balls, ropes, ribbons and bean bags (12 minimum of each),  music/audio facility
Desirable Equipment
Climbing or hanging equipment (bars, p-bars, rings, ropes, wall bars, climbing frame), other rebound equipment (trampoline, air track, fast track, sweet spots), other balance equipment (varing sizes of beams), and any hand apparatus (feathers, scarves, tapping sticks)

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