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Payment Policy

This is the Scottish Gymnastics policy for learners paying for education courses and subsequent charges relating to courses and assessments.   

July 2023

Course Payment

Every learner who applies to attend a course must make payment in full at the time of booking.  sportscotland subsidy will be accepted for some courses, however, cannot be substituted for payment at the time of booking.  Once this funding option has been processed and accepted, Scottish Gymnastics will issue a refund for the given amount received by Scottish Gymnastics.

1  Select the course they wish to attend, using the course calendar on the Scottish Gymnastics website.
2  Use the “Enrol Now” link to access the online booking system.  
3  Full payment must be made at the time of booking. See course costs as shown on Scottish Gymnastics website.
4  Coaches who are not members or have the incorrect level of membership at the time of booking will be charged the non-member fee.  The difference will only be refunded if this is resolved before the start date of the course.
5  Learners applying for sportscotland subsidy should follow the process on Scottish Gymnastics’ website. 

Course Charges

If you missed any day of your course, you will be charged to attend a different course day(s), where it is possible to attend another day. Please note, this may not be in the original course venue or region. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they complete all course days and assessments before their course registration expires.
•  Fee – £30.00 (Only applicable to courses longer than one day in length.  For one day attendance only courses, there is a requirement to register and attend a new course. For courses that include on-course assessment, candidates must have completed all days before the assessment date).

Assessment Charges

Charges will be applied for assessment for the reasons stated below, unless extenuating circumstances has been approved or it has been approved by Scottish Gymnastics prior to the candidate booking onto the course.

•  The candidate is not able to attend their course assessment date as advertised in the course calendar at time of booking unless extenuating circumstances are approved, 
•  The candidate does not response to assessment invite or inform Scottish Gymnastics they can no longer attend the assessment date,
•  The candidate withdraws from the assessment date following acceptance of assessment date ,
•  The candidate fails to arrive at the allocated assessment, without due cause, at the appointed day/time/venue,
•  The candidate’s logbook does not arrive with the assessor by the date indicated on the assessment letter,
•  For candidates third deferral of a coaching assessment and second deferral of a judging assessment.

You will be charged a re-assessment fee specific to the level of course.

•  Level 1 – £60.00
•  Level 2 – £70.00
•  Level 3 Technical Module – £40.00
•  Level 4 – £70.00
•  Level 5 – £70.00

Logbook/portfolio of evidence submission
If you were unable to submit your logbook/portfolio of evidence before your assessment or within the required timeframe, a charge is applicable before Scottish Gymnastics will organise a suitable revised submission date.

•  Fee – £20.00

Theory Course Assessment
If you missed your theory assessment, you will be charged a re-assessment fee per paper:
•  Fee – £15.00

CPD or instructor course – fit for practice assessment

If you were deemed not yet competent during your fit for practice sign-off, you will be required to register and pay to attend another course.

Exceptional Circumstances

The education team will review the basis for charges on an individual basis. If you experience exceptional, unforeseeable, short-term circumstances which affect your ability to attend part of, or all of your course or practical/theory assessment or submit your log book/portfolio of evidence within the required timeframe then please read our guidance on exceptional circumstances.


Each course has a specified registration period and the learner must complete all aspects of the learning programme and assessment within that registration period. 

•  Level 1 courses the registration period is 12 months. 
•  Level 2 and above courses the registration period is 24 months.
•  Judging courses have a registration period of 24 months to complete all aspects of the learning programme and assessment. However, should a judging course be taken less than 24 months prior to the start of a new judging cycle then the course must be completed prior to the start of the new cycle qualifications becoming active.

If the learner fails to complete all aspects of the course within the registration period a re-registration fee will be charged where re-registration is possible for the course, except in extenuating circumstances where an extension may be granted at the discretion of Scottish Gymnastics. It is the responsibility of the learner to contact the course organiser as soon as possible with supporting evidence where applicable.
Fee – £50

Where the learner does not apply for an extension or re-register within a year beyond the registration period, they will be required to repeat the course.

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