Policies & Procedures


Safeguarding - Child Protection Policy

For effective implementation of this policy all gymnastics providers must work in partnership, each with a role to ensure the protection of the children and protected adults in their care.  Policy currently being reviewed.

Code of Practice for Coaches & Officials

The Code of Practice for Coaches and Officials has been updated. There are significant changes to the policy published in March 2019, including the following: the purpose of the code, reporting responsibilities and substance abuse, in addition to further clarification and guidance for those working with children and young people. 
> Scottish Gymnastics Code of Practice for Coaches and Officials

Anti-Bullying Policy & Guidance

Scottish Gymnastics is fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of all children and young people in our care. We understand that children's wellbeing can be seriously impacted by bullying behaviour. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. 
> Scottish Gymnastics Anti-Bullying Policy & Guidance

Safe Recruitment Policy

The vast majority of coaches, officials/helpers are committed, dedicated people who are motivated to work within the sport for commendable reasons.  However it is important that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that unsuitable people or people with an inappropriate motivation are prevented from working with children young people of protected adults.  The procedures contained within the Safe Recruitment Policy should be adopted and applied consistently when appointing  any person into your club to work in a regulated role (coach, helper, safeguarding officer or official)  in either a voluntary or paid capacity.  Click here to download

The referals to Disclosure Scotland policy can be found here

Scottish Gymnastics Conduct in Sport (Disciplinary) Procedures 

The object of the Conduct in Sport Code is to set down rules and procedures with a view to obtaining justice in gymnastic hearing proceedings and to ensure that decisions are made in a fair, consistent, impartial, independent and expeditious manner.  
> Scottish Gymnastics Conduct in Sport Code

< Scottish Gymnastics Sanctions Guide

Support for suspended members

Under the Scottish Gymnastics Conduct in Sport Code, there can be circumstances where it is necessary to suspend a member.  Although suspension of member ship is a neutral act carried out to protect the member as well as others during an investigation, we do recognise that this period can be very distressing. Scottish Gymnastics is currently working on a document designed to help suspended members.  Click here to download or browse support for suspended members

Complaints Process and Guidance for clubs

Taking time to try and resolve a complaint at the outset will result in a quicker and often more acceptable outcome for all parties.  However, it is recognised that volunteers are not always aware of the steps to follow and can sometimes be embroiled in the complaint itself.  By following the guidance developed by Scottish Gymnastics, clubs will be able to adopt procedures which are open, clear, relevant, workable and enforceable, thus allowing you to operate in a fair and just way. Click here to download

Anti-corruption policy

This policy sets out Scottish Gymnastics standards and procedures relating to Anti-Corruption (Sports Betting) and applies to all those working for and representing Scottish Gymnastics which includes and who are referred to collectively as ““individuals””:

This Policy is intended to protect the reputation of gymnastics, Scottish Gymnastics and each individual acting on behalf of Scottish Gymnastics. The responsibility for complying with this policy lies with all those to whom it applies.  Click here to download or browse the anti-corruption policy