Update 05.01.2021 - Due to Disclosure currently experiencing a high volume of  PVG Applications, PVG's for non essential roles are currently taking around 8 weeks to process.  These timescales are outwith the control of Scottish Gymnastics.

Coaches, helpers, safeguarding officers, chaperones and officials working with children and young people in Scottish Gymnastics registered clubs must have a PVG Disclosure carried out through Scottish Gymnastics.  Although clubs are responsible for making sure the safe recruitment procedures are followed, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure you access a PVG through your club.

Due to Covid-19, Volunteer Disclosure Scotland is now accepting PVG applications online. This means that until further notice, clubs must adhere to the following process:

Process for online PVG

1  Applicant must download the relevant PVG application 
2  At the same time the applicant must also download and complete the self-declaration form 
3  Once the applicant has completed the PVG form, they should then save it as a Word document and email it with the self-declaration, also saved in Word, to their club’s safeguarding officer.  The Applicant should not send this direct to Scottish Gymnastics nor to Disclosure Scotland.
4  The safeguarding officer should then contact the applicant to arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out the ID verification. This should be done via Zoom, Facetime etc.
5  The safeguarding officer should complete the ID Verification form as normal and save as a Word document.  Please do not send as a PDF. 
6  Once this has been done, the Safeguarding Officer should email the three documents marked private & confidential to safeguarding@scottishgymnastics.org.
7  Once the PVG application, self-declaration and ID verification form have been sent to us, please permanently delete all these documents from your computer.

Points to note:

  1. For any new safeguarding officers who are being recruited, all ID verification will be done by the safeguarding team.  Please email us at safeguarding@scottishgymnastics.org
  2. The PVG application forms are available to download from our website and are similar to the paper version. Please ensure you use the Self Declaration Document and ID Verification below as these are the most up to date versions.
  3. For paid coaches, the fee for PVG should be paid by card using the online payment portal on the application form.
  4. The PVG forms are regularly updated by VSDS so please do not save them
  5. When paying the admin fee for PVG, please ensure you include the applicants name and PVG to the reference.  

Listed below are the forms, help and guidance required to complete this part of the safe recruitment process:

Recruitment steps reminder

>​​  Referral information

Online PVG application to join

Online PVG application for existing members

Self-declaration form

ID Verification form

PVG guidance notes (application to join and existing scheme member application)

Common mistakes made on application forms

PVG application and safeguarding training membership requirements