The process for applying for PVGs changed on 1 March 2021.

All coaches, helpers, safeguarding officers, chaperones and officials over the age of 16 working with children and young people in Scottish Gymnastics registered clubs must have a PVG carried out through Scottish Gymnastics.  Although clubs are responsible for making sure the safe recruitment procedures are followed, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure you access a PVG through your club. 

PVGs have now moved online which is different from the digital applications which were introduced in 2020.

The new online PVG application service is a simple 8-step start to finish process.

Step 1           As part of the safe recruitment process, when a PVG is required, please continue to use the ID verification form to verify the applicant’s ID and ask them to download and complete the self-declaration document and email this to the club’s safeguarding officer.  There is no need to print these documents as typed signatures are accepted.

Step 2           The club’s safeguarding officer should email both Word documents to PVG@scottishgymnastics.org along with the following information in your covering email.
           •  Applicant’s marital status, first, middle, and last names
           •  Applicant’s date of birth
           •  Applicant’s current postal and email addresses
           •  Please let us know what type of application you are applying for: (1) application to join (2) scheme record update where the applicant is already a member of the scheme for working with children (3) existing member of the scheme but not a member for working with children
           •  Position applied for
           •  Whether the applicant is a volunteer or paid.  If a paid coach, the fee for PVG will be payable during the application process.

Step 3           Scottish Gymnastics will forward this information onto Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (VSDS) who will input the data provided to Disclosure Scotland’s PVG online application portal.

Step 4           Disclosure Scotland will directly email a link to the applicant and the applicant will have seven days to complete this link. Please note, the link may take up to 2 weeks to be sent.

Step 5           The applicant then completes their personal information via the email link which is then submitted directly to Disclosure Scotland.

Step 6           Disclosure checks are then undertaken by Disclosure Scotland.

Step 7           Certificate is issued to Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services and the applicant.

Step 8           Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services issue certificate to Scottish Gymnastics.

> Self-declaration document
> ID verification form

The new online process allows applications to be submitted more efficiently and accurately.  When the applicant enters their information online, it is validated as they go, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Applications will be rejected, if the self declaration and ID verification documents are not sent in Word.  Please ensure that step 2 is included in your covering email.

If you have any issues during the process, please email PVG@scottishgymnastics.org for assistance