What We Do

Scottish Gymnastics staff work toward achieving the strategy set out within the strategic plan. An overview of the Scottish Gymnastics teams and functions are outlined below.

Gymnastics Development

The Development team have a remit to support Scottish Gymnastics clubs in their development activities ensuring that we have a network of strong, sustainable and ambitious clubs. We will work with partners to ensure that clubs have in place good governance aligned to progressive and enterprising plans.

Education & Pathways

The Education & Pathways team’s primary function is to support and develop coaches and judges in Scotland by offering quality, meaningful and accessible education and CPD opportunities across the disciplines to promote the development of a talented and professional gymnastics workforce.

Performance Gymnastics

The Performance team leads and directs the implementation of Scottish Gymnastics’ Performance Strategic Plan to establish long terms goals with clear performance indicators. We oversee the international competitions programme and lead an innovative structure of sports science support in conjunction with the Institute of Sport.  

Marketing, Communications & Events

The Marketing, Communications & Event team is responsible for the management and coordination of all marketing, communications, event & sponsorship activity for Scottish Gymnastics.  Providing support across the organisation, activity includes, creation & implementation of strategic marketing plans, promotion of initiatives, membership communications (CRM, website, social media), media management, event management and accountability for managing existing sponsorship relationships and developing new partners for the association.


The Safeguarding team is responsible for ensuring Scottish Gymnastics and its member clubs comply with legislation surrounding the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults.  Developing, writing and implementing, relevant policies, procedures and providing education and training help, guidance and support to clubs, coaches, officials and parents/guardians.


Scottish Gymnastics corporate departments provide essential business support across the organisation. These areas include,  HR, Information Technology / Office Management, and Finance, these areas ensure that Scottish Gymnastics meets its commitment to the organisation's strategic priorities.