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Technical Committee Members (voluntary role)

Term of office: four-year term 

Following the approval of the new technical committee regulations, we have some vacancies our seven discipline-specific committees. 

The purpose of the technical committees is to maintain the integrity of the sport and use each committee’s technical expertise to support the planning and development of safe, quality gymnastics programmes in Scotland. 

Specific focus will be given to the performance pathway, coach and judge development and the Scottish national events programme. This will be done by working in conjunction and cooperation with Scottish Gymnastics board and staff.

There are seven technical committees: acrobatic, men’s artistic, rhythmic, TeamGym, trampoline & double mini-trampoline, tumbling, and women’s artistic.

Each committee has four members with potential for shared roles, descriptors below: 
•  Chairperson
•  Competition coordinator 
•  Judging coordinator
•  Pathway coordinator

Technical committee will meet a minimum of four times per year and can include virtual meetings. Scottish Gymnastics staff representatives for each discipline will also attend each committee meeting.

There is also the addition of a new joint technical committee which will meet a minimum of twice a year to ensure the activities of Scottish Gymnastics and all the disciplines are coordinated and to act as a forum for discussion on all technical committee matters.

Please get in touch if you are interested or would like to be involved.

•  Clearly state which role(s) you are applying for and within which discipline
•  Details on the skills, experience and knowledge you have to support your application for the role
•  Your motivation to apply for the role and what you are hoping to gain from being part of the technical committee
•  Details on how you would foster communication and teamwork within the technical committee and with the Scottish Gymnastics staff  

If you would like to chat about any of the roles before applying, please contact Lara Gregson on

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