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WAG Pathway Coaches Investment

Over the last 12 months Scottish Gymnastics (SG) have been trying to recruit into Regional Pathway Coaching positions across the country for Women’s Artistic (WAG). It is clear that if we could open this opportunity up to more clubs and coaches, there are individuals willing to engage and support the outcomes outlined below. 

We would like to invest in 10 - 12 WAG coaches across Scotland who are currently working with gymnasts on the pathway and have long-term performance aspirations. 

By trying to support more WAG coaches who are embedded in clubs and not currently engaged/have gymnasts in the NPP or PPP (invited programme) over the next two-year period, our investment will go further and deliver the following outcomes:

  • Establishment and embedding of a high performance coaching culture at all levels of the pathway in clubs
  • Year on year increase in the number of gymnasts meeting the standard for selection for British Finals 
  • Increase number of Scottish gymnasts across Scotland on GB squads 
  • Effective gymnastics pathway operating in clubs across Scotland
  • A team of well-developed, committed and knowledgeable coaches operating at all levels of the pathway across Scotland 
  • Increase number of Compulsory level gymnasts within the clubs

Following the successful appointment of Scott Hann as our National Pathway Advisor, Scott is providing in depth mentoring for selected MAG (RPCs/Coaching Futures Position) and WAG coaches identified through this process. The MAG RPCs and Coaching Futures position have started their interventions with Scott; we are now in the position to identify the WAG coaches who will benefit from our new approach. 

Application process:

Open application process to identify WAG coaches Level 3+ across the country (we will also consider coaches at Level 2 moving to Level 3 in 2017) 

Scottish Gymnastics Performance team will sift applications and select 10 - 12 coaches for an 18-month programme (minimum) 

Coaches will receive support in the following ways:

  • Scott Hann mentoring intervention (interactive visits to South Essex GC) – all associated costs covered 
  • WAG Technical Mentoring 
  • Two network training camps (Scotland) per year for all selected coaches and their gymnasts to come together for a training weekend focussed on compulsory grades (tie in coach observation and video analysis) – WAG technical coaches to support 
  • Completion of the Napier University Performance Coaching module (estimated May 17 kick off) – course fees covered

What will the coaches do?



Be supported in their development through our National Pathway Advisor, specialists and through a targeted programme of support

Deliver SG pathway training in their region as a collective group of pathway coaches for identified gymnasts on the elite pathway (those demonstrating potential)

Establish in their own clubs and surrounding clubs a performance development environment

Act as mentors for Women's Artistic Coaches who need support in the transition from UKCC Level 2 to Level 3

Act as mentors for Women's Artistic Coaches who need support and use their enhanced learning from their programme of support to improve the club infrastructure and knowledge base

Support surrounding clubs to embed performance development environment


Pathway coaches will deliver two national network training camps per year focussed on compulsory gymnasts development and work as a team to tie in coach observation and video analysis with support on National Pathway Advisor and Workforce development manager

Through this approach it allows SG to work intensely with up to 12 Women's Coaches over the next 2+ years which will act as a springboard to identifying future coaches at performance/performance development levels.

> Click here for application form and criteria

Process for applying to be a SG pathway coach 

  1. Interested Coaches must complete and submit the below application to by Sunday 19 February 2017, 5pm. 
  2. Head of Performance & Education, Performance Manager and Performance Pathway Manager will sift through applications and confirm selected individuals; the below criteria will be used to support approval of applications.
  3. Selection/decline communicated to applicant.
  4. All pathway Coaches will be invited to a ‘welcome’ meeting at the end of February/early March 2017.