2019 AGM

The 2019 Scottish Gymnastics AGM  2019 took place on Sunday 22 September at the Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling.

A resolution relating to the membership increase was voted for, as a result the Scottish Gymnastics membership will increase by £2 on 1st November 2019. 

In 2015, when Scottish Gymnastics increased Membership fees in line with British Gymnastics levels, it ensured that gymnastic participants all over the UK were paying the same level of fees. Earlier this year British Gymnastics applied an increase of £2 per member to individual fee levels.

The increase is required at this time mainly due to rising insurance costs and the impact of inflation on our annual operating budget. 

Existing and new members have the opportunity to renew before 1st November in advance of any potential fee increase, thereby providing some level of balance to the shortening of the last membership year.

An increase in line with British Gymnastics of £2 to each membership category from 1st November allows us to continue to provide the best support, products and services, also ensuring that all gymnastics participants across the UK, continue to pay membership at the same level.

Full details of the membership increase to each category can be found below: 

Role Membership Current Fee Proposed Increase New Fee (effective 1/11/2019) 

Judge (National & Brevet)

SG & BG Gold Judge £76 £2


Judge (Regional & Below)  SG & BG Bronze Judge £17 £2 £19 
Level 2+ Coach SG & BG Gold Coach £76 £2 £78
Level 1 - Assistant Coach SG & BG Silver £41 £2 £43
Helper & Learn to coach SG & BG Bronze Helper £17 £2 £19
Competitive Gymnast SG & BG Silver Competitive Gymnast £41  £2 £43
Gymnast SG & BG Bronze Gymnast £17  £2 £19
Pre school gymnast SG & BG Bronze pre-school £11 £2 £13
Safegaurding Officer SG & BG Bronze Safegaurding Officer £17  £2


Club Official / Committee Member Club Officer FREE FREE FREE


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