The Scottish Gymnastics board of directors gives notice that the 2020 annual general meeting will take place on Sunday 20 September at 1pm. This will be held “virtually” using Zoom’s video conference platform. 

The resolutions include one that relates to a proposed update to the technical panel regulations, now known as technical committee regulations. The purpose of the technical committees is to maintain the integrity of the sport and use each committee’s technical expertise to support the planning and development of safe, quality gymnastics programmes in Scotland. Specific focus will be given to the performance pathway, coach and judge development and the Scottish national events programme. This will be done by working in conjunction and cooperation with Scottish Gymnastics board and staff.

There are seven technical committees: acrobatic, men’s, rhythmic, TeamGym, trampoline & double-mini trampoline, tumbling, and women’s. The regulations have been drafted to reflect the proposed changes following a review of the current structure and regulations, with input from existing panel members, staff and board members.

The key changes are:
•  Additional technical committee following the addition of the tumbling technical committee
•  Reduction in committee roles from six to four with each technical committee consisting of four members:
   •  Chairperson
   •  Competition coordinator
   •  Judging coordinator
   •  Pathway coordinator
•  All roles will be advertised and open to all members to apply
•  Technical committee will meet a minimum of four times per year and can include virtual meetings. Scottish Gymnastics staff representatives for each discipline will also attend each committee meeting.
•  Addition of a new joint technical committee which will meet a minimum of twice a year to ensure the activities of Scottish Gymnastics and all the disciplines are coordinated and to act as a forum for discussion on all technical committee matters.

> Read the proposed technical committee regulations

Director Recruitment 

Following our recent recruitment process for a non-executive director, the board is nominating Claire Bath. As well as having experience in communications and marketing in her professional life, Claire was chair at Fyrish Gymnastics Club and currently sits on the board for Youth Highland and The Ledge. Claire is looking forward to supporting Scottish Gymnastics in its brand development, growth and membership engagement. 
> Read more about Claire

We also received two nominations from the gymnastics community for the general director role. 

Many of you will know Wendy Lucas from Hamilton Gymnastics Club. Wendy has been involved in gymnastics for over 23 years and has a huge passion for Gymnastics For All. Wendy wants to be this voice and use her passion and motivation to help Scottish Gymnastics promote this sometimes-forgotten side of the sport. 
> Read more about Wendy

Our other nomination is for Ruth Wilson. Ruth is currently chair of the Rhythmic Technical Panel and has over 25 years’ experience within the gymnastics community. Ruth also has over 10 years’ representative board experience with focus on member communications and can see a real cross over between sport and business. 
> Read more about Ruth

The nominee with the most votes will be elected on to the board. 

We look forward to seeing you virtually on 20 September. Please complete the AGM reply slip and you will be sent the log in details for the zoom meeting. 

If you are unable to make it, each club is entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of your rights to attend, speak and vote at a general meeting of the The Scottish Gymnastics Association. The proxy voting form and guidelines for completion must be returned by 1pm on Friday 18 September.

Each club can submit two proxy votes. This includes voting for new board directors and the technical committee regulations.

If you have any questions on any of the above or to submit apologies, please email Lara Gregson on 

Resolution 1 – Minutes

Resolution 2 to 4 – Board Directors

Resolution 5 – Membership Fees

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Resolution 7 – Technical Panel Regulations

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