Annual General Meeting

Save The Date: The Scottish Gymnastics AGM will be held virtually on Sunday 26 February 2023 at 10am

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Resolutions 2021

The resolutions include one that relates to some amendments to the Articles of Association, specifically article 15, the board.

The key changes are:

- Technical director (non-Olympic) changes to a non-executive director.
- Current technical director (Olympic) would change to technicaldirector for technical matters across all disciplines. 
- The terms of office for all bard members changes to a 3-year term plus the option for a second 3-year term (it currently varies across different directors).

- Deletion of article 15.2.7 and amendment of article 15.2.6 (new article 15.2.5). The technical committees are working more closely than before with the staff team, in addition the creation of the joint technical committee as a board subcommittee bringing the chair of each technical committee together with senior staff and board directors means the technical committee structure is now more connected than ever before. The joint technical committee will be chaired by the Technical Director for technical matters. It is the intention of the board to continue to engage with the technical committees through both the technical director as well as other directors on the board ensuring this vital link is maintained and strengthened.

- Deletion of articles 15.2.3 and 15.2.9 and the amendment of article 15.2.8 (new article 15.2.6). The addition of a new non-executive director role allows the board the flexibility, where necessary, to recruit from both within and out with the membership for key skills to support the work of the board and. For example, it is the intention of the board to seek further expertise in the areas of wellbeing and protection and the addition of a new non-executive director role will enable that board level resource to be introduced without compromising on other important areas of expertise that the board needs to maintain.

- Remaining changes to Article 15. The provisions in the current Articles relating to the appointment of directors and the tenure of the different categories were originally introduced to ensure that wholesale changes to the board, caused by the retirement of large numbers of directors in any given year, could be avoided. The board believe that those particular Articles have now served their purpose and that it is time to simplify the Articles around this area. Currently there are multiple different tenure periods across the board membership ranging from six years to eight. A change to a maximum of two three-year terms make this more straight forward whilst maintaining the natural staggering of board appointments for consistency. The draft Articles also provide for the current directors to transition to this new maximum tenure period.

Read the proposed articles for the 2022 Annual General Meeting

Director Recruitment

Following our recruitment process for a finance director, the board has nominated David Johnson. As a qualified accountant David comes with almost 40 years of accounting and finance experience, as well as a great understanding of sporting governing bodies having worked at Scottish Rugby and more recently retired from Cricket Scotland where he was financial controller.

Read more about David Johnson

We also received a nomination from the gymnastics community for the general director role.

Kerri McHale will be a familiar face to those who attend women’s competitions as Kerri is often seen judging there. Kerri is also a qualified lawyer for the last 27 years and was an enthusiastic (but not very talented) gymnast in the 70s. Her love of the sport was inherited by her two daughters, who were competitive women’s artistic gymnasts before transitioning to acrobatic gymnastics. As a previous chair of a local network of gymnastics clubs for MAG, WAG, display, acrobatic and recreational gymnasts for several years, Kerri understands the types of challenges faced by clubs at the grass roots of the sport.

Read more about Kerri McHale

Unfortunately, Wendy Lucas has decided to step down from her board role. We thank her for her contribution over the year and look forward to continuing to work with Wendy as we progress the gymnastics participation agenda.

Therefore, our nomination for this vacancy is Ruth Wilson. Ruth is currently chair of the rhythmic technical committee and has over 25 years’ experience within the gymnastics community. Ruth also has over 10 years’ representative board experience with focus on member communications and can see a real cross over between sport and business.

Read more about Ruth Wilson

Claire Bath has been part of the board for the last year and has made a great contribution, in particular around communications. Ian Chambers’ next term of office is also included for approval. Ian has enjoyed his last three years on the board, including his role as interim chair and would like to continue supporting the sport.

Read more about Claire Bath
Read more about Ian Chambers

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