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Scottish Gymnastics are responsible for governance of gymnastics in Scotland,
The rules and regulations are determined by the Scottish Gymnastics board and aim to be open, fair and transparent.

Memorandum and Articles of Association (Current Version)

These are the current Memorandum and Articles of Association of Scottish Gymnastics. To view or download the document please click the link below.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 came into effect on 1st March 2000. The Act stipulates that all organisations must have appropriate security to protect personal information against unlawful or unauthorised use of disclosure and accidental loss, destruction or damage. In terms of the Act, Scottish Gymnastics (SG) is the "data controller" and complies with the eight data protection principles. As the "data controller" SG determines the purpose for which, and the manner in which, any personal data is to be processed. SG will ensure it has:

1. Obtained data fairly and lawfully.

2. Hold data only for specific and lawful purposes.

3. Data held is relevant, adequate and not excessive for its purpose.

4. Data is accurate and kept up-to-date.

5. Data is not kept longer than necessary.

6. SG ensures it has adequate security precautions in place to prevent destruction or unauthorised disclosure of data.

7. SG will not transfer any personal data outside the European Economic Area, unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection in relation to the processing of personal data.

8. SG data is automatically backed up nightly and can only be accessed by an authorised user.

9. All membership forms are filed by club name and stored in a lockable filing cabinet

Further information and guidelines are available in the Data Protection Policy 

> Data Protection Policy

Bullying and Harassment of Scottish Gymnastics Employees

Scottish Gymnastics seeks to ensure that members of staff are treated with dignity and respect during the course of their duties.  Harassing or bullying behaviour outside working hours at social events or events connected to work and the work place will not be tolerated.  In order to ensure the process is clear we have developed a Policy on Bullying and Harassment of Scottish Gymnastics Employees.

To view or download this policy click the link below.

Bullying and Harrasment Policy

SG Conduct In Sport (Disciplinary) Procedures

The object of the Conduct in Sport Code is to set down rules and procedures with a view to obtaining justice in gymnastic hearing proceedings and to ensure that decisions are made in a fair, consistent, impartial, independent and expeditious manner. 

> Scottish Gymnastics Conduct in Sport Code 

Anti-Corruption Policy

This policy sets out Scottish Gymnastics (SG) standards and procedures relating to Anti-Corruption (Sports Betting) and applies to all those working for and representing SG which includes and who are referred to collectively as ““individuals””:

This Policy is intended to protect the reputation of gymnastics, SG and each individual acting on behalf of SG. The responsibility for complying with this policy lies with all those to whom it applies.  Click here to download or browse Complaints Process and guidance for clubs

Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-Doping - Clean Sport Policy

Scottish Gymnastics believes in clean gymnastics, working in partnership with British Gymnastics and adopting their anti-doping policy and rules. If you are a member of Scottish Gymnastics and British Gymnastics, then these clean sport rules apply to you, regardless of what level you participate at.

> Clean Sport Policy


Financial Procedures and Controls Manual

This policy sets out Scottish Gymnastics (SG) standards and procedures relating to Finance and applies to all those working for and reprsenting SG which includes directors, staff, and volunteers.

Financial Procedures & Controls (Current Version)

Equality Monitoring FAQs

Equality Monitoring FAQs

Data Protection

Scottish Gymnastics Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) form

Scottish Gymnastics Objection to Processing form