Performance Curriculum

As part of Scottish Gymnastics’ commitment to develop Scottish gymnasts to British and World high performance levels, we recognise the vital role that personal coaches and parents play in a gymnast’s development.  With this in mind, we are committed to supporting gymnasts, coaches and parents on their gymnastics journey and the performance curriculum is about developing knowledge and awareness on areas of performance that can play a significant role in helping a gymnast maximise their potential.  

The following resources are from workshops that have been delivered for personal coaches, parents and gymnasts who are part of the National Performance Programme (NPP) or Performance Pathway Programme (PPP). 

Covid-19 resources for athletes

Working in partnership with the sportscotland institute of sport experts, we are pleased to be able to share a couple of key documents which cover some key points to remember for athletes around hygiene, sleep, mental wellbeing, and nutrition. These are in addition to NHS and Government guidelines on how to stay safe.  

Factsheet on Immune Health & Training
Looking after wellbeing 
Nutrition Advice
Loss and Bereavement
Nutrition Weekly Menu Building

Nutrition | Renee McGregor 
Immune Health Infographic
Performance Training Snacks Infographic 
Bone Health Infographic    

Athlete Health | Dr. Carrie McCrea-Routray
Female Athlete Health Infographic 

Mental Fitness | Thrive Scotland
Supporting Gymnasts' Mental Fitness

Supportive Sporting Parent Guide
Helping Young Gymnasts Reach Their Potential

Listen to our mental fitness podcast series. We've provided links below on Speaker, but you can search for the Scottish Gymnastics Podcast on iTunes | Spotify | Deezer | iHeartRadio Google Podcasts | Castbox

Podcast with Daniel Purvis
Breathing Tools for Athletes
Podcast with Eilidh Doyle
Body scan meditation
Visualisation & competitive anchoring
Podcast with Euan Burton