Talent Principles

Scottish Gymnastics has been working across our departments and with external talent experts to create a set of principles which will assist us in achieving our long term performance ambitions. These principles will be our basis for shaping a culture change and will assist us, through a connected and systematic approach, to maximise our potential.

A series of education workshops and resources will support our members in embedding these principles within their own environments. 


  1. We commit to help all gymnasts, coaches and parents to develop a clear understanding of the development process and how they can improve

  2. Our competition structure is designed to provide opportunities for gymnasts and coaches to develop the skills they need to advance on the performance pathway

  3. Everyone develops at different rates and development takes time. We commit to work together to provide challenging opportunities for gymnasts and coaches to maximise their time on tasks and develop key skills throughout the pathway.

  4. We recognise behaviours drive success and we strive to work throughout our system to develop athletes who consistently embrace challenges, overcome setbacks, listen and learn from feedback and take ownership of their own development.

  5. All skills and behaviours can be developed and require a consistent approach from gymnasts, coaches and parents throughout the pathway

  6. The focus of our selection process is to provide appropriate challenges and support to gymnasts and coaches depending on their stage of development

  7. To ensure our gymnasts, coaches and staff are effectively prepared for performance we will review progress against world class standards


Scottish Gymnastics have designed a set of Athlete-driven profiling templates which have been made age appropriate for gymnasts at Senior / Junior / Espoir (Youth) levels and are engaged on the performance pathway, for our clubs and coaches to utilise in their own training environments. These profiles have been specifically designed to help gymnasts understand how taking more responsibility for their own development will improve both training and competition performance.

An information sheet for coaches &/or parents to introduce them to the tool and how to implement this effectively with your gymnasts can be found below, along with each of the editable documents for the athletes to complete. If you want any further information on the tools or how to implement them please contact Jamie Bowie using performance@scottishgymnastics.org