Team Entry Forms

To take part in any Gymfest you should:

  1. Complete an Early Bird Form (not essential but gives you a two week headstart on step 2)

  2. Complete an Initial Registration Form. The deposit of £110 due with this entry includes a £30 admin fee. (performance slots are allocated in date received order)

  3. Complete all Final Registration Forms and ensure all of your team are members of their Governing Body

  4. Ensure music, merchandise orders and ticket orders are handed in on time

  5. Turn up on the day and have a great time!


Gymfest Perth 2017 will be held on Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th November at Bells Sports Centre, Perth.

Final Registration Forms have now been issued to all participating teams. Find out who will be displaying HERE

Info Pack

Gymfest 2018 will be held on Friday 4th-Sunday 6th May at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen.

Initial Registration Form 

Information Pack

All Gymfest related enquiries should be forwarded to or by contacting the Scottish Gymnastics office on 0131 271 9750