Step Forward Plan

In partnership with British, Welsh and English Gymnastics and Gymnastics Northern Ireland, we have created the Step Forward Plan to help the gymnastics community, in response to Covid-19 as we work together for a safe return to gymnastics.

Our plan is split into three steps which will depend on phases under the Scottish Government route map through and out of Covid-19: prepare, resume and rebuild. It is centred around four key pillars of support – people, places, programmes and protection, as shown in the video below.

Clubs and delivery partners will also be able to access a host of resources, including videos, webinars and guidance documents via a dedicated Step Forward site hosted by British Gymnastics

The Scottish Government published Scotland’s Covid-19 route map through and out of the crisis on 21 May which sets out the order in which it plans to relax restrictions. Based on our discussions with Scottish Government and sportscotland and following the easing of lockdown, Scottish Gymnastics insurance has been extended to cover endorsed outdoor activity. Our phase 3 guidance along with outdoors gymnastics risk assessment and checklist is in place from 13 July.

The First Minister announced on 20 August that indoor gymnastics can resume from 31 August. We will send the Scottish Government and sportscotland guidance for a safe return to member clubs once we have details and had our relevant information for gymnastics approved by them. In the meantime, sportscotland has published a document about getting facilities ready for sport which shows the checklists of considerations for all indoor sports halls which you'll find below. Our approved guidance will incorporate this.

Outdoor Gymnastics

Scottish Gymnastics Covid-19 route map phase 3.3 guidance  updated 16 September 2020

Outdoor gymnastics risk assessment 

Outdoor gymnastics checklist

Indoor Gymnastics

Scottish Gymnastics Covid-19 route map phase 3.1 indoor guidance 16 September 2020

Reopening summary checklist and self-declaration template - SCOTLAND 27 August 2020

Scottish Gymnastics: example illustration showing 9 sqm distancing

sportscotland - Getting your facilities fit for sport August 2020 - sports halls

sportscotland - Getting your facilities fit for sport August 2020  - general help with planning

sportscotland - Getting your facilities fit for sport August 2020 - further resources

sportscotland - Getting your coaches ready for sport

Scottish Government Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance on the opening of indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities

Scottish Government sport and leisure facilities checklist

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