Leadership Award

The leadership award consists of four modules focusing on the basic skills a leader needs to lead others in any sport or activity with learning delivered within a Gymnastics context. Normally delivered face to face over two days of workshop, the content has been altered in response to COVID-19 and is now offered online through zoom with only one session that is practical in the gym. The award will be followed by club support and an invitation to tap into other parts of the leadership pathway. It may be suitable for those age 12+ who are wanting to develop their leadership skills or any adult who is keen to take on more of a leadership role with their club. It is an accredited programme with Sports Leaders. We have a bank of tutors across the country who are ready to deliver to your club. 

Learning Outcomes:

Module 1 – Understanding Self & Knowing Others

Develop a greater understanding of yourself and others through evaluating your personality style.

1.      Identify your values and what behaviours these may lead to.

2.      Recognise a number of your achievements, skills and strengths.

3.      Understand what motivates yourself and others.

Module 2 – Effective Communication & Generating Feedback

1.      Identify different elements of communication and when to use them.

2.      Learn how to generate effective feedback

Module 3 – Plan, Do, Review

1.    Know the information required to plan a task or activity and where to find it.

2.    Assist in leading a task or activity using effective communication from module 2.

3.    Be able to review a task or activity that you have been involved in leading.

Module 4 – Effective Leadership into Practice

1.      Identify your goals for personal development and achievement.

2.      Know the opportunities available to you to further your leadership skills.

3.       Plan out your action steps to put your leadership and what you have learned into practice

We have adapted the award so it can be delivered online by trained tutors during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of our tutors Fiona Fyfe shares her thoughts on the accredited course and helping others develop their skills outside of the gym.

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If your club is interested in this award then please contact Jacqui Stone in the first instance to find out more: jacqui.stone@scottishgymnastics.org