Course Information

Safe in Your Hands

Is a two hour module aimed at young helpers aged 14 and 15 years to raise awareness of Safeguarding, good and bad practice, how to protect yourself as a young helper and how or where to report any concerns or issues they may have. Many young helper are working within clubs, leisure centres or local authority classes who seem to be unaware of the various aspects of working and dealing with children, parents and other coaches. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce young helpers to what can be a very emotive subject, in a less formal manner.  We are in the process of updating the course content with the addition of a staying safe on social media guidance.

The minimum age to register on this course is 14.

Please note this award is valid for two years from date of attendance.  However, when a young helper turns 16, they should attend the below Safeguarding & Protecting course regardless of whether your Safe in Your Hands has expired or not.  A Safe in Your Hands award does not insure you as a helper when you turn 16 or insure you as a coach.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Is a three hour module, which is designed to raise awareness on issues surrounding the protection of children, young people within sport and covers topics such as: duty of care, good/inappropriate practice, recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, how to protect yourself as a coach and the Scottish Gymnstics Code of Conduct.  This training is mandatory for all those working with children and young people. 

The minimum age to register on this course is 16.  All helpers 16 years+ and candidates attending a Level 1 coaching course must attend this course to comply with SG membership and insurance.

Please note this award is valid for three years from the date of attendance. 

Safeguarding 2

Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2 course for those who require completing the course for a second time. The course content includes: awareness of national legislation relevant to role being performed within the club, self-protection techniques in relation to working with with children and young people, responding appropriately to situations and the signs and indicators of misconduct and or abuse, identify appropriate action if concerns are raised and defining the role and responsibilities of the coach, Safeguarding Officer, club and Scottish Gymnastics.

The minimum age to register on this course is 18.

Please note this award is valid for three years from date of attendance. 

Safeguarding 3

Safeguarding 3 Course is designed specifically for those have already attended the Scottish Gymnastics Safeguarding 2 (SG 2) course. If you have not received an email from the safeguarding team at Scottish Gymnastics, please do not purchase this course. Safeguarding 3 follows on from Safeguarding 2 to keep our coaches, helpers and safeguarding officers safe, knowledgeable and provide the world class protection to children we pride ourselves on. In this course we blend the learning with the first part online followed by a group face-to-face session that will cover more scenario based situations. 

Please note this award is valid for three years from date of attendance. 

Safe Recruitment Workshop (formerly PVG Workshop)

Is a two hour module which covers the steps to take to safely recruit coaches and volunteers into your club, PVG and current legislation. Clubs need understand their responsibilities in terms of the recruitment of staff and how the legislation affects both them and the SGA.  It is mandatory that all Safeguarding Officers, along with the senior/head coach attend this training. Club chairperson and senior committee members are also welcome to attend if they wish. There are no exemptions available for this course.

Please note this award does not need to be repeated unless there is significant change to PVG Legislation where Scottish Gymnastics feel that an updated workshop would be necessary for members. 

Note: Although the above courses are mandatory, in certain cases and depending on job role, i.e. doctor, social worker, teacher, exemption from safeguarding (only) may be given. To apply for exemption please contact