Safeguarding Course Information

Scottish Gymnastics Safeguarding Course Update:

Our courses have been updated and refreshed and you can read more about each of our safeguarding courses below.  You can book onto a course using the find a course page:

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Safeguarding for Young Leaders

Suitable for Ages 13-15

It is everyone's responsibility to respond to any wellbeing or protection issues involving a child or young person. This includes young leaders working with children and young people in their clubs as they also need to know how to respond to a child or young person who may be in need of help. This training course is aimed at young leaders between 13 - 15 years of age and covers a range of topics regarding reporting concerns and keeping people safe. 

Scottish Gymnastics Wellbeing & Protection 1

Formerly Safeguarding & Protecting and Safeguarding 2

The Scottish Gymnastics Wellbeing & Protection 1 (SGWP1) course replaces the Safeguarding & Protecting and Safeguarding 2 workshops. 

This training is mandatory and is the first level of training for all those working in a regulated role with children and young people in a Scottish Gymnastics member club.

The three-part course introduces you to the theory, knowledge and practice that underpins child wellbeing and protection in gymnastics. You will be given:

- the tools to respond to common coaching scenarios 
- an introduction to factors which create a culture of poor practice
- how to identify barriers to disclosure
- the process for responding to concerns
- the opportunity to put the responding to concerns process into practice and understand roles and responsibilities in your gymnastics club

All helpers 16 years+ and candidates attending a Level 1 coaching course must attend this course to comply with Scottish Gymnastics membership and insurance rules. Clubs should follow safe recruitment principles. 

Please note this award is valid for three years from the date of attendance. 

Scottish Gymnastics Wellbeing & Protection 2

Formerly Safeguarding 3

Scottish Gymnastics Welbeing & Protection 2 (SGWP2) course supercedes the previous safeguarding 3 workshops.

This is a mandatory workshop following on from SGWP1 for those in regulated work (coaches safeguarding officers, helpers and chaperones) and those leading clubs.

These sessions are delivered virtually and will enable you to build on learning gained in SGWP1, with topics including:
- duty of care
- applying welfare principles
- risk management
- creating a positive culture
- what is abuse
- reporting concerns
- recruitment & PVG processes
- role of the safeguarding officer
- Scottish Gymnastics policies and procedures
- investigations and disciplinaries
- scenarios

The minimum age to register on this course is 18 years.

Please note this award is valid for three years from the date of attendance. 

Safe Recruitment Workshop 

The safe recruitment workshop is a two-hour module which covers the steps to take to safely recruit coaches and volunteers into your club as well as PVG and current legislation. Clubs need to understand their responsibilities in terms of the recruitment of staff and how the legislation affects both them and Scottish Gymnastics.  It is mandatory that all safeguarding officers, along with the senior/head coach attend this training. Other committee members may also wish to attend. There are no exemptions available for this course.
Please note this award does not need to be repeated unless there is significant change to PVG legislation where Scottish Gymnastics feels that an updated workshop would be necessary for members.