Women's Artistic

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is probably the best-known branch of the sport and is one of the biggest crowd pleasers at the Olympic Games.

It is an exciting, aesthetic, yet extremely demanding discipline incorporating vault, asymmetric bars, beam and floor.






This is a dynamic exercise from a springboard over a vaulting table 125cm high. It demonstrates power and accuracy, combining height and length, sometimes with multiple rotations or twists to finish with a controlled landing.

This exercise is performed on two bars, one high, one low, over and between which gymnasts perform swinging movements and breath-taking skills where the bar is released and re-caught.

This awe-inspiring piece of apparatus is 5m in length, 125 cm high and only 10cm wide. Requiring tremendous nerve and balance, the exercise combines artistry, acrobatic elements, balances, leaps, jumps and turns and finishes with a dismount demonstrating flight and precision landing.

The floor exercise is performed on a 12m x 12m sprung floor. A sequence of dance movements, tumbling, acrobatic elements, jumps, spins and leaps is choreographed to music expressing the gymnast’s personality, style and flair.

Photo Credit: Stewart Atwood