Leadership Award: Dylan's story

Posted on 22/06/2021 in Rhythmic

Leadership Award: Dylan's story

Dylan is a gymnast with City of Edinburgh Trampoline Club and was in the Scottish Gymnastics double mini-trampoline performance pathway programme (DMT PPP) last year before Covid-19 disrupted activities. He recently completed the Scottish Gymnastics Leadership Award online. He and his dad Frank told us what they thought about the award.


Why did you decide to take part?
I wanted to learn about leadership skills which will help me with my training and other areas later in life.

What did you learn during the course?
I learned that it is important to read and fully understand instructions before completing tasks.

What were the best or biggest things you learned that you feel were most useful to you?
Learning what my strengths were and what my goals are.

How do you think you’ll be able to use your leadership skills in gymnastics?
It will help me be more confident when I start coaching.

How do you think you’ll be able to use your leadership skills elsewhere in your life, education, career?
It will help me be more confident at school when sharing my views/opinions in class.

Has this sparked an interest in learning more about leadership?
Not just now, maybe later when I am older.

Did you do the course in a room with others or the online version?
It was the online version. I could understand the teacher as good as being in a classroom.  Instructions were clear and I knew what to do.

What would you say to anyone else thinking about doing the course?
It will help with being more confident around people in a debate or leading something

Frank, Dylan’s dad

How did Dylan engage with the course?
Dylan seemed motivated and it was good that it was done in lockdown as it gave him something to concentrate on.

Did he share any experiences of his learning?
Yeah we discussed the subjects and what they covered on each session.

Have you noticed it has impacted on him in any way?
I think Dylan did learn quite a lot and it should help him with his future education.

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