Performance Gymnastics

Scottish Gymnastics Performance Plan 2019 - 2023

Scottish Gymnastics has embarked on an exciting journey with a 12-year strategy (2015-2027) centred on which will see the growth of ‘a strong Scottish Gymnastics, inspiring and nurturing emerging talent’ with the theme of world class taking front and centre. The strategy has four inter-connected core areas of clubs, people, gymnasts and corporate. Performance gymnastics is a key priority within the gymnasts’ pillar of our 12-year strategy.

The Performance Plan 2019-2023 sets out the framework to achieve the strategic objectives set out in the below document with a clear focus on developing a world-class system in Scotland across the gymnastics disciplines. All the elements of this plan support the goal of long-term success for our athletes as outlined in our 2015-2027 strategic plan.

The overall plan applies across the eight performance disciplines Scottish Gymnastics supports and recognises; over the next cycle, there will be a discipline specific approach to each area within the plan based on the individual discipline’s development needs and performance readiness. Scottish Gymnastics performance department will work in partnership with the technical expertise, clubs and coaches in the sport to identify the approach for each individual discipline over the next four-year period.

Our performance plan focusses on a philosophy of an athlete-focussed, coach-led, performance-driven approach to performance development whereby there is focus and commitment to the longer-term aspiration of world-class performance from athletes, coaches and performance staff.

The following are Scottish Gymnastics’ core values for all our performance and pathway activities which were shaped and developed by gymnasts and coaches within the existing Scottish Gymnastics performance system:

  • Challenge
  • Synergy
  • Passion
  • Integrity