Club Development

Clubs are the heart and soul of our sport, they are where our gymnasts train, our coaches provide untold numbers of hours of delivery and where many thousands of members have a great experience.

Through our support we want to ensure that clubs are the best they can be and achieving their ambitions.

To achieve this Scottish Gymnastics will assist clubs:

  • To be Stronger, better managed, better financed clubs working to business plans
  • Have World class volunteers driving clubs
  • Enable More clubs owning or accessing quality gymnastics-specific facilities
  • Support More Professional members of staff in member clubs

This will be achieved through clubs developing quality business and action plans based on current and future need; ensuring that clubs have the right committee & governance structure and that clubs are well financed and marketed effectively.  

The Development team are here to support clubs through this process and their details can be found here.

What Does an Effective Club Look Like?


In a well-run club, the following elements underpin everything the club does and how it does it. Becoming effective with these principles in mind will strengthen the delivery of gymnastics on the ground at your club.
Being effective is not just the management of the day-to-day operations of the club — it is wider and includes:

  • Planning for sustainability
  • Management of finance and risk
  • Systems and processes for HR and wider administration
  • The right people in place to deliver on the club’s vision
  • An appropriate place to carry out club activity
  • Engagement with stakeholders
  • Leadership in terms of culture, values and integrity.

This Effective Club Framework is designed to be flexible and simple. It is not a prescriptive approach to running an effective club. Each club is different and what may be appropriate for one may not work in another.

Click HERE to access a copy of the Effective Club Framework.

The Effective Club Framework – What you need to know