Performance Programmes

Teamgym Performance Programme

Our performance programmes are based on a culture of providing a supportive environment for gymnasts to thrive, to embrace challenges and overcome setbacks as well as taking ownership of their training and their development. Our approach is an athlete centred, coach led and performance driven with athlete wellbeing and coach development at their centre.

The Teamgym Performance Programme works towards providing clear opportunities across all levels in order to drive the development of both gymnasts and coaches through the following activities:

· Performance Pathway Programme (PPP)

These activities have been designed in line with the strategic plan between the Teamgym Technical Committee, Scottish Gymnastics Performance team and input from the Teamgym National Technical Lead(s). 

Performance Pathway Programme

The Performance Pathway Programme (PPP) provides targeted support to develop individual gymnasts and their personal coaches that have the potential to progress into the elite pathway and to succeed in the Great Britain (GB) pathway. The programme will support gymnasts and their personal coaches who are selected in line with the criteria, providing they continue to meet the criteria of the programme: the programme is based on a culture of hard work, continuous improvement, demonstrating performance behaviours, taking ownership and embracing challenge.

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Personal coaches will be asked to submit a note of interest for the gymnasts they would like to be considered for an assessment that will be led by Development PPP coaches. During the assessment the PPP coaches will co-lead and observe training sessions on each piece of apparatus led by their personal coach to observe work ethic during these sessions along with skills being trained.

Applications to the programme should be sent via email, along with an individual athlete plan to by the closing date of 4 Febraury 2022

> Individual Athlete Plan

The assesment for nominated gymnasts will take place on Saturday 19 February at Irvine Bay and will be led by our National Technical Advisor and Development PPP coaches.

Coach CPD

Coaches that do not currently have gymnasts on the performance pathway programmes can attend any of the camps of the relevant level as part of their coaching CPD. Coaches should contact Wendy Purdie, Performance Manager (Non-Olympic) for details of the camp and to arrange their attendance. You can email on