DMT Performance Programme

COVID-19: All performance programmes and national gymnastics events have been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions until further notice.  

The DMT Performance Pathway Programme (PPP) and National Performance Pathway (NPP) have been designed to provide strong alignment to the British Gymnastics Performance Pathway and to support the development of current and future FIG level gymnasts.   

Lauren Jeffrey, GB National Junior Coach, will provide the technical leadership as National Technical Lead (NTL) along with key assistance from Melanie Stewart-Wills, Assistant National Technical Lead (ANTL), and will be supported by Physical Preparation, delivered by Scottish Gymnastics Physical Preparation Consultant, Paul Coyle.  

These activities have been designed in line with the strategic plan between the TRA/TUM/DMT Technical Panel, Scottish Gymnastics Performance team and input from the DMT National Technical Lead.

The Performance Programme consists of: 

  • National Performance Programme (NPP)

  • Performance Pathway Programme (PPP)

More information on the Performace Programme can be found below.

Personal coaches must ensure that gymnasts can demonstrate the skills from the appropriate skills matrix.

DMT NPP Skills Matrix 2020     |     DMT PPP Skills Matrix 2020

Cancellation Guidelines for Performance Activities
For more information on our cancellation guidelines and policies, please click here.