Women's Artistic Performance Pathway Programmes

Women's Artistic Performance Programmes

The Scottish Gymnastics women's artistic performance pathway is made up of two level of programme. These are the national performance programme (NPP) and performance pathway programme (PPP). You can find more information about each of the programmes below, as well as the list of gymnasts selected for the programmes in 2023. 

View WAG NPP Selection Criteria & Programme Information 2023
View WAG PPP Selection Criteria & Programme Information 2023

Women's Artistic Performance Programme Gymnasts Selected for 2022-23

Women’s Artistic National Performance Programme (NPP)

Scottish Gymnastics new approach to artistic gymnastics will see men’s artistic and women’s artistic programmes work together as one national performance programme (NPP).  This new approach will see artistic gymnastics share a culture of excellence and positive environment to support gymnasts and coaches on their journeys.

National training for both disciplines will take place together under the leadership of National Technical Advisor Scott Hann MBE and supported by lead coach Becki Campbell and will see elements of training delivered jointly with a focus on gymnasts and coaches working collaboratively.

You can view the selected programme gymnasts for 2022-23 by visiting the news page of our website. 

Women’s Artistic Performance Pathway Programme (PPP) 

The new performance pathway programme for women's artistic will evolve over 2022 and will build from a series of invitational camps in (January, May and November) towards a profiling day in December for selection onto the Women’s Artistic Performance Pathway Programme in 2023. The programme will have two elements: the PPP camps for espoir, junior and senior level gymnasts and PPP Development camps for gymnasts aged 9-11 years who have attended pathway training. 

The programme will be led by Ross Falsetta (Technical Lead) and supported by Becki Campbell (National Lead Coach). The women’s artistic pathway development coaches will support  the delivery at camps. As part of our new approach to Artistic Gymnastics, a number of camps will be held alongside the Men's Artistic PPP camps. 

Women's Artistic Pathway Training 

You can find our more about these sessions and book by visiting the information page. 

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