Rhythmic Junior PPP Introduced

Posted on 26/05/2021 in Rhythmic

Rhythmic Junior PPP Introduced

Selections for 2021 Rhythmic Junior Performance Pathway Programme

Beacon Rhythmic Gymnastics Club
Cara Paterson   (coaches Amy Stewart & Mariya Mareva)
Jasmin Brody   (coaches Amy Stewart & Mariya Mareva)
Thelma Florentsdottir   (coach Laura Ytre-Eide)
Darija Plotnikova   (coach Laura Ytre-Eide)
Emilie Findlay   (coach Laura Ytre-Eide)
Julia Ostowicz   (coach Laura Ytre-Eide)

Pentland Gymnastics Club
Abbie Gibb   (coaches Sarah Uysal & Victoria Clow)
Murrin Mclean   (coach Sarah Uysal)

Esprit Rhythmic Gymnastics Club 
Cara Mackay   (coach Deb Hows)

ViSta Gymnastics Academy
Darja Derugina   (coach Violeta Staeva)

The introduction of the junior performance pathway programme for 2021 is an exciting evolution of the pathway for rhythmic gymnastics in Scotland. It builds on the work of the last 12 months which has continued to see espoir level gymnasts engage and be supported from the programme with a number of virtual sessions and camps delivered as well as development opportunities for junior level gymnasts. 

Gymnasts were selected through a virtual profiling day, where they had the opportunity to demonstrate some of the technical and physical preparation components that are important for rhythmic gymnastics. This included ballet and flexibility exercises that would normally form part of the qualification process for British Championships as well as some of the physical preparation exercises that were adapted to be able to be assessed virtually and at home.  

Ruth Wilson, Chair of the Rhythmic Technical Committee said: “We are delighted to be able to expand on our espoir performance pathway programme and welcome junior level gymnasts. My personal thanks to our gymnasts, coaches and clubs who have worked alongside our development coaches and the Scottish Gymnastics performance team to enable this.” 

Jamie Bowie, Performance Manager (Olympic disciplines) said: “As we continue to plan and rebuild activity across our performance programmes, it has been great to be able to host a virtual profiling day and select gymnasts for rhythmic pathway programme. 

“Looking at the ballet, flexibility and physical preparation elements in the profiling day has really highlighted some of the great work that clubs and coaches have been doing to not only keep gymnasts engaged, but also to develop them in the discipline – a theme we have seen across the sport of gymnastics.”  

The junior and espoir programmes will be delivered alongside each other, with some elements delivered jointly and others separately. Camps will be led by a variety of technical experts along with the support of the rhythmic development coaches.

Congratulations to all junior gymnasts and coaches on their selection. Selections for espoir level gymnasts will take place at the end of June.  

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