Scottish Gymnastics Awards

Our annual awards celebrate the people in our sport who make the gymnastics community what it is. Nominations are now open for the 2022 Scottish Gymnastics Awards. You can find out more by visiting the news page of our website.

Last year, the awards returned as a virtual showcase of the stories of the positive achievements made by the people you nominated and their clubs between 1 December 2020 and 31 October 2021. 

We shared posts about our winners and those we've identified as highly commended on our social media channels throughout December 2021 so everyone can see the amazing work and achievements from across the country. We were thrilled with the number of nominations and therefore have more than one person celebrated in some categories. Feel free to take a look at the individual posts on our channels, and take a read through full list below. 

Scottish Gymnastics CEO Doc McKelvey said: “Our members across the Scottish Gymnastics community have shown strength and resilience in responding to the challenges of the last year. They have worked to ensure our sport continued when gyms were closed, and helped it thrive when restrictions eased and full activities returned. 

We love to hear about gymnasts, coaches, judges, safeguarding officers, club officials, administrators, helpers, volunteers, clubs and all the people who make gymnastics activities and events possible.

A huge thank you to all those who submitted a nomination last year! 

The award categories were:

Gymnastics success
Has a gymnast, coach or judge you know achieved success at British or international level this year? This award recognises their work and dedication which led to their achievement.

> Winner: Morgan James (DMT)
> Highly Commended: Cameron Lynn (MAG)
> Highly Commended: Louise Christie (RHY)

Gymnastics growth
Has a gymnast, coach or judge shown commitment to their growth in the sport this year? This award recognises members who have an unshakable commitment and drive to improve their learning and development.

> Winner: Dylan Campbell (TeamGym)
> Winner: Jemma Campbell (Acrobatic)
> Winner: Zara Leslie
> Highly Commended: Sheryl Hansen

Gymnastics engagement
Has anyone in your club gone above and beyond in engaging participants in gymnastics this year? This award celebrated the ways in which they create a positive and fun environment for gymnasts to enjoy the sport.

> Winner: Angela Turner
> Highly Commended: Ellena Devitt
> Highly Commended: Erin Telford

Wellbeing champion
Has anyone you know gone above and beyond in helping members’ mental health and wellbeing? This could have been organising activities to help members when gyms were closed, or through their positive actions in keeping people safe and having fun in gymnastics in their role in the club, such as a coach or safeguarding officer.

> Winner: Nadia Ross
> Highly Commended: Charlotte Chambers
> Highly Commended: Emma Melville

Vital volunteer
Has anyone you know gone above and beyond in their voluntary role in gymnastics this year? This could include working at events, fundraising, or being part of a club or technical committee, for instance. Our vital volunteer award is all about their commitment and the impact they have on the sport.

> Winner: Lynne Clark
> Highly Commended: Jayne Anderson
> Highly Commended: Maggie Bissett

Community impact
Has your club or anyone in your club gone above and beyond to help the wider community? They may have been involved in fundraising or helping others beyond your club, such as running Love to Move classes. This award recognises their compassion, leadership or skills which make a positive impact on their community.

> Winner: Pagan Mitchell

Club success
Has your club achieved a significant success this year? Your club may have moved to a new facility or made improvements, improved its organisation and structure, grown its membership or perhaps shown a commitment to customer service or developing members.

> Winner: Ayrshire Gymnastics Club
> Highly Commended: East Kilbride Gymnastics Club
> Highly Commended: Flair Gymnastics Club
> Highly Commended: Kilmarnock Acrobatic Gymnastics Club